Our Journey Begins

The Aaron Butler Memorial Foundation is chartered to honor the fallen, engage communities throughout our Nation in meaningful social action events, and close the growing gap between the Nation’s Populace and the Warfighting Minority. Founded by veterans who were shaped by war, the ABMF strives to continue Aaron’s legacy of tenaciously defending the oppressed. The ABMF started in 2019 with the inaugural Aaron Butler Memorial Purple Heart Run, which found tremendous success in bringing a diverse pool of like minded veterans, military, first responders, challenged athletes, and civilian supporters together for an emotional and educational event. Please check out our events page and get involved!

Who was SSG Aaron Butler?

Aaron was a Green Beret, a son, a brother, a friend, and a teammate. He was remarkably fearless, selfless, courageous and relentless. In life he was a source of strength to those around him, in death his legacy continues to serve as a source of inspiration for those who learn about his life.

Uniquely driven, Aaron was one of eight children in his family, he was a 4-time Utah State Champion wrestler, he was a mixed martial artist, and he was US Army Special Forces soldier. At 27 years old, Aaron Butler sacrificed his life for his country while fighting ISIS-K terrorists in Southern Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan.

Upcoming Race and Events

Our 2021 Idaho Race will be held at Weilmunster Park in Garden Valley on August 14. Our LAS VEGAS Race will be October 23rd!

What we do

The Aaron Butler Memorial Foundation believes that veterans are too often offered chances to become comfortable with being victims. We are not victims. We are veterans. Our events, like our SSG Aaron Butler Memorial Purple Heart Run series, are more than races, they are emotional and educational events. We honor sacrifice. We honor the fallen. We honor them by living.

What People Say about last year

“Great cause, great people and absolutely motivating! The camaraderie of the military and first responders is like no other! God Bless America! Semper Fi!” – Marie Miller

“This is an amazing experience. It truly brings community together to celebrate the service of those providing protection to our freedoms across the country…” -Chad Rohr

“Such a great cause! Loved it!” -Alex Briggs

Where we plan to go!

Our website is in the works but our foundation is powering forward! ABMF is 501 c3 pending!

Social Action Events

ABMF conducts a multitude of engaging events to lessen the knowledge gap between the National populace and the Warfighting Minority. Our signature Purple Heart Run series highlights the sacrifice of post-9/11 Gold Star families in communities throughout the country.

Youth Leadership Development Through Sport

 ABMF plans and executes developmental youth wrestling events that provide character development lessons to young athletes through interaction with military servicemembers, USA Wrestling certified coaches, and first responders.

Case Management for
Combat Wounded

ABMF assists wounded servicemembers and their families by finding, vetting, and directing them to low/no cost treatment programs that exist outside of DoD or VA medical systems. How do we know what programs work? We’ve been through them…

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2021 SSG Aaron Butler Memorial Purple Heart Run

Ask yourself… WWABD – What Would Aaron Butler Do? Embrace the suck!