Dan Nelson and Dan Muguira are Purple Heart recipients who live in Idaho. They grew up together playing sports and both joined the military. Both Dan’s have spent time in law enforcement. And Dan Muguira is currently with BPD. Both Dans are passionate fathers, excellent students of the world, and have big hearts to do big things. They are the Directors of the Aaron Butler Memorial Purple Heart Run.

August 16th 2017 Aaron Butler was killed in Afghanistan. The entire team and support were injured in this blast. Dan Nelson was Aaron’s commander. After the first anniversary of this date, the Dans discussed that they could no longer sit around drinking and being sad on the death days of their brothers. Dan Nelson has always wanted to plan a race, to remember the fallen and continue their legacies of servant leadership. In 2019 the Aaron Butler Memorial Purple Heart Run was born, and the turn out was tremendous. The engagement from the military, first responder and Eagle/Boise Idaho community was overwhelming. We will continue this race on or around August 16th every year. With the formation of the Aaron Butler Memorial Foundation we will engage communities in social action events, encourage and support youth wrestlers, and fight forward for combat wounded veterans.

Aaron was a champion wrestler in the state of Utah. We want to make Aaron proud and pursue a partnership with USA wrestling to provide grants for youth wrestlers to support training and tournaments. Check out our what we do page for more information!

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