Our Team

We are Veterans, Husbands, Wives, Sisters, Brothers, Moms and Dads. First and foremost we are Americans who want to do better for others

Dan Nelson

President and Race Director

US Army Veteran and founder of the Aaron Butler Memorial Purple Heart Run(ABMPHR) and Aaron Butler Memorial Foundation (ABMF). Dan was Aaron’s commander and was injured in the same blast. Dan is a Purple Heart recipient.

Email me: director.purpleheartrun@gmail.com

Dan Muguira

Assistant Race Director

US Marine Corps Veteran and Boise Police Officer. Co-founder of ABMPHR and Purple Heart recipient. Dan and Dan are long time friends and the creators of all the fun content on our social media.

Email me: admin.purpleheartrun@gmail.com

Kacey Nelson

Foundation Controller and Race Administrator

Kacey is married to Dan and that says a lot. She’s a little bit nutty and a lot a bit fun. Kacey is a mechanical engineer, but has recently learned how to build a website

Email me: info.purpleheartrun@gmail.com

Derek Robb

Foundation Treasurer

Email me: info.purpleheartrun@gmail.com

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