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We have a unique set of skills… a very particular set of skills. Skills we have acquired over long careers. Skills that make us helpful for people like you.

Social Action Events

The ABMF will conduct social action events in order to highlight the sacrifice of Gold Star post 9/11 families in communities throughout the country in order to lessen the knowledge gap between the National populace and the Warfighting Minority. The Aaron Butler Purple Heart Run (ABMPHR) event is the cornerstone model that will be replicated in different communities throughout the United States and will always specifically highlight the Gold Star veterans and families from those communities/states. A portion of the funds raised (up to 50%) by every social action event will donated local Veteran’s Groups that have an ABMF Board verified and current model for providing tangible assistance to Veteran’s and Veteran’s families in their respective communities.

Case Management for Combat Wounded Service Members

The ABMF will assist servicemembers who were wounded in action in a Global War on Terror (GWOT) theater by providing case management assistance to the servicemember and their family. Case management is defined by the ABMF as presenting the servicemember/family with existing low or no cost treatment options (i.e. Operation Mend at UCLA, The Marcus Institute at University of Colorado, Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment, etc.) in order to augment the existing care given by the DoD or VA medical systems. The ABMF will provide tangible assistance to the wounded servicemember/veteran in applying for treatment at one or a combination of these existing benevolent treatment programs and will regularly engage with such programs in order to direct the programs to servicemembers in need.

Youth Leadership Development Through Sport

 The ABMF will fund scholarship grants for deserving youth wrestlers to cover costs of traveling and competing in training camps, tournaments, and other competitions. By 2021, the ABMF will partner with USA Wrestling in order to establish an annual SSG Aaron Butler Wrestling Camp, a youth developmental camp designed to provide a low-cost youth wrestling experience for the Nation’s exceptionally talented youth wrestlers. Each ABMF wrestling event will include exposing the young wrestlers to post 9/11 combat injured service members, Gold Star families, and Special Operations service members in order to instill a deep appreciation of service into the developing athletes.

Let’s change things.

Photo by Kevin Bidwell on Pexels.com
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